The Road to Rights International Summit & Peace Expo

The Road to Rights International Summit is a proud initiation of The Road to Rights where we connect youth delegates from all around the world to share ideas and to find solutions for stemming social issues they see and experience in their community .

And also to raise awareness about Rights and responsibilities and build the capacity youth Delegates to use various channels of communication to bring positive changes in communities and mobilize the Sustainable Development Goals, which is a set of goals agreed upon by member states in the United Nations in September 2015 pertaining to Education, Gender Equality, Health, extreme poverty and Climate Change. With the launch of this initiative, together with our ‘Global Family’ of youth leaders will be working is also focusing on utilizing every opportunity to foster the well being of Children, Youth and Women.

Its an annual event which will be going around the world inspiring ,connecting youth building up a platform where they can roar their thoughts !

Awaits for another exciting summit see you soon !!!! Include this video too The caption is this " Ms. Lakshmi Puri, UN Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Executive Director of UN Women addressed the Road to Rights Summit and Peace Expo 2016 ! Take a look at the video !"


  • Creating Awareness on Sustainable Development Goals.
  • To work towards a better understanding of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, responsibilities and social values.
  • Developing the action plan for 2017 to be implemented by member countries.
  • To Strengthen and build the capacity of our youth in order to support and increase the participation in social, economic and political involvement at national and International level.
  • A platform for youth to exchange ideas and opinions, as well as to reflect how youth can collectively work together towards common goals.
  • Strengthening the capacity of The Road to Rights chapters by recognizing their efforts towards positive changes in their communities and countries.
  • Developing the strategies of Art, Sport and ICT to be used as tools for the process of peace and development focusing Gender Equality, Education and Climate Action.
  • Bringing organization within the fold of NGOs, NPOs Youth led organizations and CSR initiatives, to network, build partnership and promote their social causes.